What The Public Think..

InformationWeek recently conducted on online poll of 312 participants to find out whether they think the next killer app is on the horizon, and if so, what it might be. An overwhelming number of poll takers--75%--indicated they believe another killer app is on the way. Just 18% knocked the idea, with another 7% saying they didn't know.
The potential killer app receiving the most votes was search or data retrieval, cited by 18% of poll participants, followed by voice or video over IP (15%) and identity management (14%). A full 16% of poll takers decided to identify their own predictions, specifying apps not listed as a choice in the poll. When asked about the defining criteria of a killer app, most respondents (42%) said apps that transform business processes, followed by those that cross over into the consumer market (31%), and those that experience widespread business adoption (27%).
this poll visually shows the results of the survey conducted on the next expected big application software.