What are they and what's their function?

The motherboard is the most essential part of a computer. Some of its various names include, mainboard, baseboard, or system board. It is the central, or primary circiut board and it is mainly used to provide various connections for the computer itself. So it is basically used to connect different parts of the computer together.

Parts of a motherboard.

A Labelled Diagram of a Motherboard.


AGP- Accelerated Graphics Port

PCI- Peripheral Component Interconnect

ISA- Industry Standard Architecture

CMOS- Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor

EIDE- Enhanced Intergrated Development Environment

RAM- Random Access Memory

CPU- Central Processing Unit

Briefly explaining the parts of the motherboard.__

agp_pci_isa.jpgAccerlerated Graphics Port - This is also known as the Advanced Graphics Port. It is a channel to connect an external graphics card to the computer's motherboard. [ more on motherboards ]
Peripheral Component Interconnect- The PCI connects Peripheral devices to the computer's motherboard [ more on PCI ]
Industry Standard Architecture- [from Wikipedia] ISA was a computer bus for IBM compatible computers. [ more on ISA ]
Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor- The CMOS is basically a bunch of sophisticated circuit boards found in digital logic circuits. [ more on CMOS ]
Random Access Memory- RAM is a type of data storage that is usually found in the form of intergrated cicuits. [ more on RAM ]
Central Processing Unit- This is basically the part of the digital computer that allows programs to be executed. [ more on CPU ]