Integrated + Non-Integrated Motherboards.

There are basically 2 main types of a motherboard.
- A integrated motherboard
- A non-integrated motherboard

The term "integrated" refers to the computer peripherals. Integrated motherboards have things such as the sound and video controllers as well as Ethernet embedded on the motherboard. Non-integrated motherboards only have the essentials for the motherboard, while things such as video and sound must be installed separately. In the event that a user installs standalone peripherals onto an integrated motherboard, generally the standalone device takes precedence over the integrated controller. However, some motherboards have poor implementation of resolving this type of conflict, and the system will become unstable if there is both an integrated peripheral and standalone devices.

This picture shows the different parts pf a motherboard labeled:

Integrated Motherboards
Integrated motherboards can have built in parts which can found found by adding expansion cards. All the software and programs needed on the motherboards are built onto it, as it is an integrated motherboard. You can find on some motherboards built in parts such as: serial and parallel ports (the external plug-in outside the case), the IDE(integrated development environment - a type of software that assists computer programmers) and joystick are all connected to the motherboard. Using integrated motherboards creates more space inside of the case and it is easier to acess letting air flow through it. So making this motherboard is really easy and cheap to make, but installing the different parts on the motherboard can make the cost of the board rie up. But the up side is that when one part of it is broken only that individual part is needed to be fixed so the amount would not be alot.

This is what the case of an integrated motherboard would look like::
This is the outer case of the integrated motherboard which can also be placed upright, so it can stand up on its side also, using less space up.
Non-Integrated Motherboards
Non - integrated motherboards have a lot more different parts to it such as: Serial and parallel ports, hard drive connectors, floppy connectors, joysticks and much more. Now there is more things that take up more slots on the motherboard it creates less space inside the case of your computer. Although just for the motherboard is kind of cheap, adding the installation of expansion boards, and the producing tests, the cost of it will rise higher. Most motherboards in the old days were all non - integrated, but since since technology has been higher many more motherboards are integrated.

Depending on the quality of the integrated motherboard, they can cost from $50 - $100 or more.
Some integrated motherboards i have found::
Name / Type
Msi MICROSTAR Socket T Micro ATX Motherboard
Motherboard Intel S775 Gigabyte GA-VM900M (All in 1)
Gigabyte GA-9VM900M S775 P4M900 mATX FSB1066
D945GNT LGA775 ATX Intel Pentium 4
*As you can see integrated motherboards can range in prices, there are many more different types of integrated you can look at and find. You can find some useful integrated motherboards on these websites:
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