Graphics Tablet

A graphics tablet is used as a mouse pad and a Stylus like this mouse. This gadget is used for creating graphics or editing (example like photos). People use a graphics tablet because it is much better then using a mouse and it is easier to use than a mouse for activities like drawing and editing. A graphics tablet is plugged in the usb port. It has a flat surface which is like the paper and it comes with a pen this is used as a stylus and acts like a mouse. Graphics tablets range from $70 to $3000AUS.

Why do we Use it?

Tablets are an easy way to move the mouse on the screen. Mainly used to create images or editing images. Is it easy to use when editing and since it is using the tip of the pen meaning you will have move space to move around. The flat surface is the computer screen. It is easier than the mouse because when moving around the page you have to move the mouse up and down. Instead the pen you just have to point around flat surface to get around the computer screen. When using the tablet for graphic use it has pressure sensitivity meaning when you draw a line it will have a stroke effect like your drawing on paper. Graphic Artist use this tablet to create images some examples are found here Jess's Deviantart, Alison's Deviantart, Maxinne's Deviantart.

The Tablet & Stylus

whoaa1.pngThe tablet is the flat surface which acts as the computer screen. Stylus is the pen which acts as the mouse. These two items makes it easier to move around the screen. If your using the tablet for graphics use you can use the end of the stylus as a eraser. It is like using a pen and paper only it is a gadget that is connected to the computer. Just like the mouse features it has a right click button so it can still be used like a normal mouse. Cintiq 21UX ( image on the left) is a graphics tablet with a screen on it meaning you don't need a computer screen you just have to look at the graphics tablet. This is like you are painting on a canvas making it eaiser to use because its right in front of you, especially for graphic design and the stylus is the paintbrush.

How Is it Used?


The flat surface has a square in the middle. Imagine it is the computer screen and with the stylus tap around the box to where ever you what to go. As u can see in the animation, pretend it is the computer screen. For example if u were to close a window you would tap the top left corner of the box and the cursor will make it way to the top left hand corner of the computer screen.The is also a button on the stylus which is the Right click button on a mouse. And for graphics the other end of the stylus is a eraser.


A graphics tablet has many accessories and these include:
  • Art Pen- This is just like the normal stylus but mainly used for art. Using a paint program like photo shop or paint shop pro and when using it it acts like a paint brush. Recommended for graphic designers.
  • Mouse- Like a normal computer mouse only it has pressure sensitivity when used. It has a button where you can use to control the sensitivity.
  • Stylus eraser- Like the stylus but at the top of the pen it has a eraser and when used for graphics purposes u can use the other end of the stylus to erase mistakes instead of clicking the button to erase a mistake. It acts like a pencil.


These examples were created by (from left to right) Alison, Maxinne, Jessica. People find it easier to draw pictures on the computer when they are using a graphics tablet. Just like using a pen and paper only using a program that helps you create images.

Other forms of tablets

c140x.jpgGateway laptop notebook
  • This is also like a tablet but this time you can use the stylus on the screen instead of looking at the computer screen and using the tablet. This makes it easier to navigate around the the computer screen because you can visual see where you are going to type around the screen. This also uses a stylus and tablet but its a laptop meaning it has a keyboard as well. This has a rotation screen meaning you can rotate the screen and put it down so u can write on it comfortably.
Nintendo DS
  • This game console uses a stylus and has a surface where you can tap to work it. This time you don't need to stylus you can use anything solid to press the buttons that are on the screen e.g. you finger to press the buttons. Nintendo DS used to play games and not usually use to create graphics.

Future of Graphics tablets

We are expected to see more of these notebook laptops internationally. For it is one of the easiest onces to you because you can use the stylus to tap on the screen. Graphics tablets are also getting new features and programs designed specially for them. For examples games, softwares, accessories etc.

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