LG data projector. This is how most data projectors look.


What it is- Function ?
Data projectors allow you to project information from your pc, video, dvd or television onto a projection screen that can be projected onto the wall, similar to a large screen. They have now become much more popular than the old fashion over-head projectors that we use at school. It is now possible to now get a new, fashionable and useful data projector for about $1300.

What types are there?
  • SVGA data projectors have a resolution of 800 x 600 Pixels
  • XGA data projectors have a greater resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels
  • XGA data projectors have a better resolution which means the picture quality is better

A simple explanation of how it works:
A data projector works by putting a file that you would like to project onto a large screen from the data projector onto a pc, video, dvd or television. A device that projects computer output onto a white or silver fabric screen that is wall, ceiling or tripod mounted. Data projectors typically accept resolutions of 800x600, 1024x768 or 1280x1024 and may also support standard video from a VCR, DVD or cable box. Widely used in classrooms and auditoriums, there are many units that are equally capable for home theatre.

CRT projector using cathode ray tubes. This typically involves a blue, a green, and a red tube. Minimal maintenance is required. This is the oldest system and falling out of favor largely. However, it does provide the largest screen size for a given cost. CRT projectors are suitable only for fixed installations.
LCD projector using LCD light gates. This is the simplest system, making it one of the most common and affordable for home theaters and business use. Its most common problem is a visible “screen door” or pixelation effect, although recent advances have minimized this.
DLP projector using Texas InstrumentsDLP technology. This uses one, two, or three microfabricated light valves called digital micromirror devices (DMDs). The single- and double-DMD versions use rotating color wheels in time with the mirror refreshes to modulate color. The most common problem with the single- or two-DMD varieties is a visible “rainbow” which some people perceive when moving their eyes.
LCOS projector using Liquid crystal on silicon. D-ILA JVC’s Direct-drive Image Light Amplifier based on LCOS technology.

Most data projectors have a price range between $900-$3000 maximum.
Here are some examples of different data projectors and there price ranges J
Epson TW200H ProjectorPrice Range: $1265 - $1443
Compare Between 7 Store(s)

Acer XD1170D Projector
Price Range: $969 - $1140
Compare Between 10 Store(s)

InFocus IN26 ProjectorPrice Range: $1270 - $1399
Compare Between 6 Store(s)

Optoma EP716P DLP ProjectorPrice Range: $999
Compare Between 1 Store(s)

Viewsonic PJ358 LCD Projector
Price Range: $1449 - $1499
Compare Between 4 Store(s)

Optoma EP719P DLP Projector
Price Range: $1499
Compare Between 1 Store(s)

Price Range: $1496 - $1534
Compare Between 3 Store(s)

Optoma EP709 Projector
Price Range: $1479 - $1499
Compare Between 2 Store(s)