ßlackßerrys introduction

Technology can often leave us breathless in our efforts to keep up with its sudden leaps and changes to what the popular trends on the communications market become. Can you remember the day when you didn't know what a cell phone was? Or perhaps when you decided you needed one too?

We have become accustomed to our everyday mobile phones, which has become part of our lives and usually find that it quickly becomes something we don't leave home without. You see everyone from kids to business executives with a cell phone to their ear, or having a conversation with an inconspicuous earpiece or headset attached to our mobile phone that is hiding in their pocket. But wait -- isn't that guy over there talking to his PDA??(definition link below)

Meet the RIM BlackBerry (Research In Motion), a wireless solution with integrated phone, SMS (short message system), browser and organizer applications. The market behind the blackberry device is to facilitate the management of all your information and communications from a single device. The blackberry uses wireless technology, PDA (personal digital assistant) functionality, and cellular accessibility (a.k.a mobile phone). There is a fine line between a PDA and a Blackberry and sometimes it can be for you sometimes you should just stick to you normal phone. sometimes your normal phone may even be better then a blackberry scene as though the way techonogly is heading all phones would have exactly the same devices as a blackberry and may even bring it off the market.

Ask yourself some questions before purchasing a blackberry. Do you have more gadgets than pockets? Do you foresee a need to access and update your calendar while you are dialed into a meeting and waiting for your flight at the airport?

How many times have you wished you could play a game on your phone while talking to your friends? Would you like to move to another country and not have to buy a new wireless device that will work on that country's network?

Here are some BlackBerry pros and cons that have been reported by users, which may help you make a decision:
(always make sure you do other research on you specific mosdel)


  1. You can access many of the BlackBerry's functions during a call.(good for finding numbers and playing games when you are talking to someone boring)
  2. You can access your existing email accounts, wirelessly. BlackBerry's "push" technology means you don't have to retrieve your email, it finds you.
  3. You can view email attachments such as PDFs, documents, and images.
  4. The QWERTY-based, full alphabetic keyboard allows for quicker and easier data entry and retrieval.
  5. You can choose your network and service providers, without limitations based on contracts.
  6. The BlackBerry operates on a number of global networks, as well wireless local area networks (WLANs).
  7. You can install Mac or PC friendly applications on your BlackBerry, to facilitate sharing information and projects between your computer and your wireless device.

  1. The cost is higher for a BlackBerry than for most cell phones.
  2. There are so many features and not nearly enough documentation available to support them.
  3. There is no speakerphone capability on most BlackBerry models.
  4. You have to manually engage the BlackBerry's screen light; there are no settings for an automatic on/off.
  5. Some technology experts think that the BlackBerry is on its way out, to be replaced by the Treo.

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  1. =What it is – Function?=The main reason why blackberry's are so famous in such places such as America is because people are constantly on the run with picking up children from school or going to work and have no time to get to a computer. The whole idea is to have instant messaging which is called 'push email' which means instant emails to your phone no matter where you are with at least a wireless to connect to any cable/internet source with the QWERTY KEYBOARD it is easy to send a receive 'push email' which is the main reason why blackberrys were and still are popular. Some fetures of the blackberry are instant email, phone access and calls, maps GPS, organiser, applications, games, the Internet and more. Some smartphones even include a multi-media player and/or camera so you really have everything you need in one stylish device.
  1. =What types are there?=it ranges from models to what year they were made.
some of the most famous models are the
Blackberry pearl
Blackberry curve
and the Blackberry 8800

2. A simple explanation of how it works.

the blackberry phone has a wireless internet connection where the email is put straight onto the phone. email can me sent and recived and is easily used because of the qwerty keyboard, with even a usb port it can be easily used to be connected to a computar# [[image:space/showimage/blackberrycurve-keys_and_features-400.jpg align="right" caption="PARTS OF A BLACKBERRY"]]
  1. =Costs.=the cost vary to what model, and type of blackberry you are planning to purchase also if it is second hand,
it can range form $100 to up over $1000
a phone at that price is the BlackBerry Pearl 8100VE SmartPhone

  1. =Future directions (technology)=truthfully there is no good sign of blackberrys, seen as the there is such a sudden development with phones that blackberrys are just another type and soon every phone will be using

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