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Apple Ipods.

apple has created a product called the ipod it is only compatible with windows xp + more advanced versions of windows.

what is it ?
an apple ipod is a media player thats is programmed to play mp3's and wma's using a storage system that you download from itunes or other downloading areas then upload onto the storage system bye itunes library.
The range of apple nano's
different versions of the ipod include:

+ mini
+ nano
+ shuffle
+ mini shuffle
+ standard version
+ ipod video
+ ipod photo

The ipod holds a certain amount of GB (Gigabytes). Depending on what size you choose.
different sizes include:
-all up too 40GB

colours varie from:
- silver
- pink
- black
- green
- blue

in order to connect the apple products to the computer to do it via USB cord

the ipod has other little extras like:

ipod is only compatible with itunes
info: http://www.answers.com/topic/itunes?cat=technology

future directions
heres a blog with an explination of a few of the video ipod ideas:

or another future direction apple is hitting is coming out with a mobile phone called the iphone

the iphone works like an ipod, it works with iTunes for music, movie and TV downloads, contacts, calendar entries and much more. the phone also works with Outlook on Windows PCs.

more info: http://pocketpccentral.net/smartphone/apple/iphone.htm

to view all the ipod details and find out your nearest store go to http://www.apple.com/itunes/